Rally Near the River

River's Edge RV and Camping Resort
1820 Raleigh Road
Somerset, WI, 54017

This rally officially starts on Tuesday (or you can come early and camp Monday for an additional $25) and transitions to an informal caravan on Friday.

Please indicate your intent to camp on Monday and/or join the group dinner at the Gasthaus Bavarian Hunter on Wednesday and/or join the river cruise on Thursday by checking the appropriate boxes below.

This will allow an accurate head count for each event. Feel free to add comments to clarify your intentions.

Hosted by: Beth and Rod Fierek

Sign-Up for Rally Near the River

September 21 - 24, 2021

Item Per Adult (USD) Per Child (USD) Per Event (USD)
Monday Camping 0 0 25
Camping 0 0 75
Facility fee 0 0 10
Rally fee 0 0 10
Dinner 0 0 0
Cruise 0 0 0
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