Amana Colonies

Amana RV Park & Event Center
3850 C Street
Amana, IA, 52203
(319) 622-7616

In 1855 German immigrants established the Amana Colonies. Although they are no longer communal, the history and much of the culture remain. Come for the food, wine, and beer – for quality handcrafted products, art, and quaint shops – for the history and antiques.

The rally is limited to 30 Airstreams. Only Wisc-UP members (regular and affiliate) may register before April 1. Non Wisc-UP members will be put on a waitlist until April 1 when registration is open to all. Registration closes after June 2.

Please indicate your interest in the Friday Dinner by checking the box (for headcount only).

Hosted by: Ginny Janssen and Bill Scheuerell

Sign-Up for Amana Colonies

June 12-16, 2024

Item Per Adult (USD) Per Child (USD) Per Event (USD)
Rally Fee 22 8 0
Heritage Tour 8 8 0
Ronnenberg Dinner 33 14 0
Friday Dinner 0 0 0
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